Pianos Become the Teeth


Oh hey, how was your day?
I wonder if it will speak through your smile
With an alike jaw
I wonder if they will have the same fire for fauna

I have questions hogging my bed
I'm heeding the easy sleeper, yeah
The joy bringer in you
The unclouded
Highlights of life, highlights of life
My muscle memory
I'll hold the hair from the bones
That hold your collar when everything burns
I'll be your patience, I'll put in time
I'll be your patience, I'll put in time

(I'm afraid, I'm afraid) Abalones dont know any better
(I'm afraid, I'm afraid) I'm always wide of the settle mark
I'm afraid, I'm afraid
I'm afraid, I'm afraid

Don't spare, don't spare, our stories can't compare
Don't spare, don't spare, don't leave out the details
Oh I have more blood, but you beat faster
The encouragement, the encouragement
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