Pianos Become the Teeth

"Shared Bodies"

So striking, I swear you leveled me with a look
Reminded me of my breathing patterns
Ran your hands through the grease and set fire to my face
Seduced a love to grief and left the same as you came
We were based on an end
It's as if everyone always arrives already gone
Some say love is a river and the wetness behind my ears puts out the wick
Some say love is time, I helped you pass
Love is location, we were just circ*mstance
Could almost smell the must, the urgency
I knew better, I just didn't care
But I think that I felt more inside you than I would have liked
You carved me rigid, and I hate you for it
You were everything I wanted at night
You were a dream, but come light
I lost what I saw in you
Through those somber windows
We were addicted to the moon light lines in my old room
And I couldn't tell us apart
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