Earlly Mac
On Deck
[Hook: Big Sean and Earlly Mac]
Stacks on deck
Ratchet on deck
Took that boat up off the water and attached it on deck
Hit the studio and I got cla**ics on deck
Super bad b*t*hes with fat a**es on deck

Im on deck like a patio set
Im on deck like a ship wreck
Don't you fool with it gone get your own respect
If you fooling with it you on deck

[Verse 1: Earlly Mac]
Im a mother f**king problem ho
The type of n***a you got problem solving for
Ooh I love it so I know you like it
Im so on deck I feel like a pirate
Searching for booty and booty
Where the f**k is Midas?
And a big booty b*** mermaids with that size not tiny
Eeny meeny miney pick a whip outside blindly
It doesnt matter on a residential doing ninety
Thats speeding
Im leaving
No im not a cholo but im leaning
I say no im not a cholo but im leaning
Boo im on deck like a genie

[Verse 2: Sayitaintone]
Im the mother f**king answer ho
If you n***as need that where we got them grams for low
Im so handsome though
I romance your ho
I get your a** I need that ransom ho
Detroit rubber flow ready ready set go
B*t*h ima set sh*t down that Louis store
Cause I cop sh*t on deck
From that treasure that chest
Yellow diamonds and my wrist looking hazardous
I ain't god but I got that gift to give you life and I take that sh*t
Ho I never tell I will never square too big to fill
Catch a n***a talking and we make him walk the plank
Sean wrote me a check and that sh*t broke the bank