Earlly Mac
[Intro: Big Sean]
Finally Famous

[Hook: Big Sean]
Now when they see you getting change
Don't you dare change
I'm saying you got big and ain't ever act the same
Don't you dare act Hollywood
Don't you dare act Hollywood
Now when they see you out of town
They see you in the streets
They say you act funny
Man, you can't even speak
Don't you dare act Hollywood
Don't you dare act Hollywood

[Verse 1: Big Sean]
Big, man I knew you do it big. New grid
With a house up on the hill
How I feel next to the sign that say, "Hollywood"
But I don't mean to act Hollywood
But my b*t*h is the baddest, a** is bigger than Jura**ic
She moved out West, now she talking with an accent
Had a good doctor, now her t**ties look like plastic
Used to go to college, now she like, "F**k a master!"
She gon' date an actor, rapper, lawyer, or a doctor
Somebody who could cop for her, get a ice rock for her
Maybe get a ring, she should date a boxer
And her friends don't even recognize her


[Earlly Mac]
Ooh, little mama, you so primadonna
Why you treat your Honda like it's a McLaren
I know you like nice things, Tiffany's and ice rings
Seen you down in campus
March is colder than that ice ring
Finna get your shade on, with your supermodel
He ain't gotta spill up though, I know he's super hollow
And I know you shallow ever since you hit that lotto
You been more in {bravo} like you want a pile o' [Cash]
While you play in roles, you in movies, you got Emmies
You got Benjies in your Fendi, does your Charger have a Hemi?
If no, let it go, wait a minute 'til you blow
They're gon' say you're Hollywood
They're just trying to steal the show

[Outro: Big Sean]
Do it