Earlly Mac
Earl Mac waddup though
Yea Boi
Summer Set Fleas, That's my n***a
Finally Famous n***a, That's my team
Dirty Glove n***a, That's my fame
Sayitaint n***a, That's me

[Sayitaintone - Verse 1]
35k, That's a large a** number
Large a** rims, on that large a** Hummer
Damn my b*t*h got a large a** bumber
But don't you try to touch it cause you will be in a Slumber
See Stuntin' is my job, Rapping is my hobby
Look at Kinko n***as tryna watch me just to copy
See I'm a USB, while them motherf**kers Floppies
Put my d**k up on they arm, Now them motherf**kers C*cky
Time to Flex, Diamonds on my neck, Diamonds on my wrist
Time to Flex, Diamonds on my neck, Diamonds on my wrist
Ricky Gliss, B*t*hes on my d**k, they know I'm the sh*t
Yes I is, I am too legit, too legit to quit, HAMMER

[Big Sean - Hook]
Thirty-five thousand
It'll make yo b*t*h fine, Then make yo b*t*h mine
Thirty-five thousand
It'll get yo chain stole, It'll get yo chain Brozed

[Earlly Mac - Verse 2]
Aye Thirty-Five Thousand
Let's a- Let's a keep it comin' (Do It)
Zero divided by two, that's a- That's a gravy number
Okay, what's, in your bank, at the same as your mouth
Got a girl at the bank, and be pullin her account (Ching)
Bounce witcha Boy, You know I'm on a ball
Party at the loft, and we all had a ball
My n***as in the back, and they all got a broad
Go girls sing along, cause we all got a song
Louie with the stacks, and the raps
Spittin' Friggle you
Body been same size as a Wooden Bagel
You n***as better boss up, Get your money up
Like a coin toss up, Aye


[Dusty McFly]
Look, L-look, look
35k, I say 35k
I know some n***as in the D doin' like 35 a day
Profit person controversy, Oh boy we straight
We straight tell the judge to send that Briefcase
We'll make that sh*t a Brief Case
Boy I'm out here, I'm out here, You on that panty sh*t
I flex the Lexus with yo b*t*h while you still drive yo daddy sh*t
See these Bucks was Thirty-Five, But they retail Twenty-Three
I had the Ice, Throw C's, I had the Ice the nose Piece
Time to flex, On my left's Sc*m, I'm a Young Fiend
I'm out in Cali, Hightop Ally's Platinum Rolly got the D-Town
Why yo b*t*h be on my d**k so much
I need a Colostomy baby, Cause I sh*t so much Luh