Earlly Mac
Do It Again (Remix)
[Intro: Earlly Mac]
Uh yea uh

[Verse 1: Earlly Mac & Big Sean]
Take it back to like 20 09
Me and my n***as on the grind
Ain't no ig and vine
Throwin’ parties at plan B
Had em' rappin the line, Making funds having fun
We just wanted to shine
And I was f**king with the music way back in ’05
A couple friends was too, two of them got signed
One friend named Mike
One friend named Sean
Made a made a n***a proud
Homie it’s our time and
I was up all night tryin to do it again
For the n***as who time I can’t get
All them hatin' n***as was angry they ain't sh*t
My n***a we gon get em, I promise to stone clear
I was up all night trying to do It again and
Again and again (x3)
Multiply 2 of the 10
And make it 100, they sick to they stomach
I know they don't want it

[Verse 2: Reese]
Playing with the bank rolls
Show em' how to do it, its ss camaro
Or do the truck. Pedal to the medal
Ain't no brake pa** on the truck
Get behind the scurr scurr
Show ya how to lose it while me do it
Satellite dishes up on the 8 fitted
Walking back the city might throw
This much rent, smokin on gas like some e-cigs
V-12 indiana jones big whips. Rip ksubi jeans
Preem hoodie reese fit, and death to the haters f**k
Watch me eat ink. I just went and got a whole 10 day
I blew it all at benihana real n***as eat shrimp
Sometimes I wanna just stunt boy ( I do)
Sometimes I wanna just flex boy ( I do)
Sometimes I wanna just go and finesse ( I do)
And take off the check

And every day I'm living, i'ma do it up big
And i'ma run it back and show you how to do it. (x4)

[Hook: Big Sean]
Up all night Ima do it again
Yeah I made some mistakes
That a n***a wouldn't change
I'ma do it again
So I hit once, hit twice
So high, had to do it again
And i'ma live my mothaf**kin life like
I might not do it again
[Verse 2: A$AP Ferg]
A n***a put in work
Then I hit em with a little Shabba
That's just how I do it
For my n***as in the dirt, put that purp in the baby bottle
That's just how I do it
Sippin' on the purp, make a n***a's words slur
Pop a bottle in the club cause I gotta do it
Cause a couple n***as hurtin' behind bars
Never go to the mall screaming young Fergy Ferg gotta do it
So I'ma do it, I'ma do it
I'ma do it right now, got damn, I'ma do it
Young Fergy Ferg, I'ma do it for my mama, daddy
I'ma do it for my mama, make my grandpoppa happy
I'ma do it for Pretty Flacko, and Guinea, and Addy
I'ma do it for Crystal Caine, Marty Baller, and Terry
That's my uncle, he was in the penitentiary
Get a bid, put a n***a in the cemetery
Used to cook the work just like culinary
Run up on his a** with the mask like Jim Carrey
Give him that clip, make a movie, Tyler Perry
Used to have the hammer on the hip like a handyman
Got y'all n***as sleepin' while y'all dreamin' like [?]
Come from the gutter
Man, I don't think you understand
Know you flyin' to Japan
My show's about a hundred grand
Now I gotta stack a band
I should do the money dance
[Hook: Big Sean]