Earlly Mac
Another Again
[Produced by Key Wane]

[Pre-Hook: Big Sean]
Up all night, I'ma do it
Yeah I made some mistakes that a n***a wouldn't change, I'ma do it again
So I hit once, hit twice, so high, had to do it again
And I'ma live my mothaf**kin' life like I might not do it again
Do it again

[Hook: Big Sean]
Yeah late night texts from my ex, I'ma do it again!
Got rich like a b*t*h one time, I'ma f**k around and do it again
I know I ain't doin' what I'm s'posed to do, but f**k it I'ma do it again
How you feel? How I feel?
Like I made this sh*t real and I'm lovin' how I feel
I'ma mothaf**kin' do it again, do-do it again

[Verse 1: Big Sean]
You should've motivated, but you mad I made it
Aggravated 'til I'm like, "let's get collaborated"
Now you all faced with a fake congratulations
You and your girl still together, oh I'm glad y'all made it
Yeah y'all together but when I walk in
It's funny how y'all get decapitated
And the holy matrimony's out the window when she's on my mattress naked
My MasterCard got her masturbatin'
Goddamn I made it
I'm in the MGM Grand like I own that sh*t
So much paper I could loan that sh*t
F**k that though, I'd rather just alone my sh*t
Jesus piece on, I had to stone that sh*t
Gettin' stoned, never stuck, every day I do
My old b*t*h is prayin' that I never ever say, "I do"
Got success, on déjà vu
Sean Michael Anderson is who you make the pay out to
You , you be on the internet straight cyberhatin'
While I'm up in fur like I'm f**king hibernatin'
In the cold cold city, where you just gotta make it
Where the people violated then their pupils dilated
Looking like a black eye pea
I swear life's harder with a black ID
So I'ma get that mothaf**kin' white money
Everytime I black out on beats
[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

[Verse 2: Earlly Mac]
I guess once wasn't enough so let's do it again
Yeah, run it back again and again
Got damn, man, I should've been on ESPN
Yeah, hit it so many times that I had her thinkin' 'bout myself just f**kin' her friend
Yeah, arm out the window with the blocka blocka
That is when the duckin' begin
I do it whatever to win
Get me money out your pockets, you don't need it, then I'm out
I ain't gotta give a reason cause I know
Never seen a n***a fix a problem if he broke
If I take a L then that be the day I smoke
Lookin' at them b*t*hes, I'll take anyone I want
Give me what I need, but please don't give me what I don't
A lot of sex, no stress, not a lot of dates
If she ain't got no a** on it then she out of shape
I love it when I hit it from the back (that's right)
I love it when the liars want her back (that's right)
I love it when they give me money back
It's funny how these funny n***as act
Gettin' money where these funny n***as at
From the front and in the back, where these funny n***as at
From the front and in the back
Now these b*t*hes call me God put 'em on the map
She was fallin' out with you but steady making out with Mac
[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

[Verse 3: A$AP Ferg]
A n***a put in work then I hit him with a little Shabba
That's just how I do it
For my n***as in the dirt, put that purp in the baby bottle
That's just how I do it
Sippin' on the purp, make a n***a's words slur
Pop a bottle in the club cause I gotta do it
Cause a couple n***as hurtin' behind bars
Never go to the mall screaming young Fergy Ferg gotta do it
So I'ma do it, I'ma do it
I'ma do it right now, got damn, I'ma do it
Young Fergy Ferg, I'ma do it for my mama, daddy
I'ma do it for my mama, make my grandpoppa happy
I'ma do it for Pretty Flacko, and Guinea, and Addy
I'ma do it for Crystal Caine, Marty Baller, and Terry
That's my uncle, he was in the penitentiary
Get a bid, put a n***a in the cemetery
Used to cook the work just like culinary
Run up on his a** with the mask like Jim Carrey
Give him that clip, make a movie, Tyler Perry
Used to have the hammer on the hip like a handyman
Got y'all n***as sleepin' while y'all dreamin' like [?]
Come from the gutter
Man, I don't think you understand
Know you flyin' to Japan
My show's about a hundred grand
Now I gotta stack a band
I should do the money dance