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"Feeling Pretty"

[Verse 1 - Don Cook]
So it's Donny and O once again
Wrap the chord around my hand while I'm rapping just like a bandage
Hip hop’s - paramedic
Tell your mama’s friends about us
My entourage ‘bout as fresh as a farmers market
Or Tylenol out the bottle
Betty White with the modesty, ha
That’s comedy
But for writing I'm way too pretty for light -
Not to be on me
Stripes not to be promised
Types not to be calling
The sky not to be falling
My mind not to be on what -
My next move is
Ask Mr. Hyde as Dr. Jeckll what my best move is
My head’s too big but sh*t
It never stressed who's fit
And I'm the honorary guest of every room I'm in
I'm way too -
I'm way too pretty from my head to my Sam Smiths
She said get a damn grip
I said lend me the hand
And I’ll unfasten my belt
You’ll be undressing the pants
Uncle Jesse to her Becky
I’ma rip her front man
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