Fresh N Drivin
[Intro - Fam-Lay] (2x)
Fam-Lay, c'mon
A n***a like me, I'm fresh n drivin ma
A n***a like me, I'm fresh n drivin ma
Why be frustrated, stressed, and jiving for?
A n***a like me, I'm fresh n drivin ma

[Hook - Pharrell Williams] (Fam-Lay)
Fresh! OWW! and driving!
Whoa whoa! (happy as a b*t*h, nevermind how y'all feel)
Give you fresh!! and driving! Whoa whoa!
(Blowing sweet Indonesia out my nostrils)

[Verse - Fam-Lay]
Now my plane just landed, I'm down in Miami
Listen up close cause ya gotta understand me
I'm seeing womens' faces sweeter than candy
Me and Pharrell talking bout a clean sweep at the Grammy's (uh huh)
That was cool, but this year much sweeter
Then I bumped into the world's baddest b*t*h named Trina (whoa!)
Let me know cuz you ever seen her
Fatter a** on a woman, cause I gotta meet her (word?!)
Then I saw my home girl Misdemeanor
Flying by in a drop top Ferrari Modena
Right now I'm in a rented Beemer
When I get my Modena I'm a keep mines cleaner
I'm Mamosa toasting, playing wit these women's emotions
Coast to coasting, paying for these women to bullshish
Smoking hocus pocus, toast in holsters
Try to play us close, and I'm spraying the toast cause I'm so


[Verse - Fam-Lay]
I stay fresh while the rest stay frustrated
I'm the best I guess that's why the rest hate it
Looking at those breasts thinking x-rated
Last call in the spot, and I just made it, cool
Everythings by according to plan
A lil less than a god but I'm more than a man (uh huh)
Can you help me? sure that you can
Cause I came down here for a lil more than a tan
Doing - a buck 50, like six quarters
Cause Fam-Lay is fresh as dish water
You can't shift them gears in disorder
Easy on the tiptronic baby! I just bought her
Hop out the S Type, dressed like a criminal
Pinkie to the thumb numb, neckalace invisible
Y'all n***as pitiful, leave y'all critical
Rims so sick that my car need a physical

[Bridge - Fam-Lay] (2x)
Ma, you going my way? what up! what up!
Fellas, you getting right today, what up! what up!
Trying to get in some today, just cut up
Haters get in my way and get gun b*** up

[Verse - Fam-Lay]
Ain't no n***a live as me!
Sunshining bright wit a dime in the driver seat
I'm what them a**holes try to be
Yeah! Me and babygirl took a stroll on the beach for some privacy
Long as you kiss and don't tell
I paid for ya hair, ya feet and yo nails
Just cause I'm fresh and don't care
Right after that we hitting the hotel, I'm

[Hook - to fade]