[Verse 1: No Malice]
I go against the grain, see I’m in my own lane
They only seem first ‘cus I’m in reverse
It’s like I moonwalk on em
Ain’t nothing like having said yes to your calling
I get better with age while time’s evolving
I’m a vintage wine, I’m a retro Jordan
So mature, Mr. Thornton
If I turned my back you’d be left orphaned
I caution against sun belief
I guess that make me old school like a dungaree
But my britches don’t sag, 'bout riches I don’t brag
But somehow I can’t help but to show my a
Cla** is in session
Chain heavy like opression
The new me got 'em dancing
So I tell em if they got any questions read them

[Hook: Famlay] (2x)
It’s a ______ shame, you stayed in the game
It’s a _______ shame, the things people to say to make some _______change
When you dropped your top you lost your _______ brains
Hah, let me think about it

[Verse 2: No Malice]
Within every lyric, you can tell when you hear it
The KRS-One, black cop in my spirit
Twilight saga, the flow cannot be mirrored
Only by its grace we escape judge and juror
One thing I’m sure of, Lord as my witness
Show me 10 kingpins, I’ll show you 10 snitches
They said I lost my mind but I got all my senses
Nothing but the truth in all my sentences
Always gave me truth
Even in my offences the feds came knockin
Turned all my n***as Christians
We was in the kitchen, watering the pot
Playin Top Chef til Tony got shot
Wake up call, it was like time stopped
But you gotta love Tony cuz the dime never dropped
Yes, the check is in the mail
Commissary baby and your kids are eating well

[Hook: Famlay] (2x)