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[Verse 1: Mazo]
Okay I'm down for a piece
Lil' dance with the miss
Move slow on the beat
n*gga whattup

Yeah she moving up the heat
Nice bright red lips, I kiss oh sh*t, oh sh*t
It's love
Or maybe I'm drunk? sh*t
I don't know

This point in time is real
The feel in my heels
When I dance on my shoes
When I bounce on the Groove
Shoulder drop that's cool
When I look at you
Eyes dumb low, cause I'm high off you
And I- and I
And I walk to you
Offer up my hand, "can I dance with you?"
No I'm no lame, you will know real soon
Yeah I dress cas' but I'm smooth that's true
Yeah my vibe with you

Reciprocated interest, a rendez-vous?
Pick her up at noon, f*ck a lunch
We cruise to the sunset, through the horizon, ouh
Chasing the moment till the sky turn dark blue
Full moon hit and the moon is lit
Go for a kiss and she let me oh sh*t
Kissing me back, yeah my n*gga it's lit
Cause it happened off of asking for a dance
That's it!
That's it

[Chorus: Kimzer]
Mood right, Moon light
Feeling so groovy
Checking the good vibes
You can't stop me
Take it back
You can't stop us
Cause this is Underworra
Trynna get the mood right

The mood right, Yeah
The mood right

[Verse 2: Chakratang]
Listening to Whitney and whipping it through the city
Folding up the paper cause it’s holding something pretty
Only pass the mic when that sh*t be outta pity
Putting on the game face when my n*ggas getting litty
Looking for the shmoke cause the homies really with me
Looking for the spot cause the green is rolled up (Spot, Spot)
Looking for the brown for the bottom of my cup (Cup, Cup)
Get it like this when I spit it like this

Back to the front and I’m feeling righteous
Reaching everyone like it was a virus
Windows to the soul looking at your iris
When I drop it down I make the ground shake, (Stop, Stop)
When I pick it up I make the roof break
Solo project you goin' feel the earthquake
Slap it and it jiggle man this ain’t no fruitcake
I love my bars and I think they love me
At least enough to keep the title OG
Pushing the pedal and look at the dash (Da-Dash)
Cop another G and I leave it in the stash (Sta-Stash)
You ain't see me running but I'm getting to the cash
Ringing up my digits and i'll be there in a flash
Panties at the door cause a n*gga trynna smash
Drop another verse put these n*ggas in the trash
Cop another hearse cause they running outta space
Bouncing up and down I ain’t even see her face
Blowing on the gas Dima cooking up the bass
Every other bar steady make these n*ggas nervous
Pen so good yeah that sh*t be civil service
You ain’t got answers
(Notification) I just got the masters
Screaming f*ck these n*ggas I ain’t got no f*cking manners
Checking up the pockets when I’m walking through the scanners
(Money! Money!)
When I'm walking through the scanners

[Verse 3: Kimzer]
Heart racing
Kim mind chasing
Fantasies that can never be
Cause they only dreams
Working for my dreams
That you will now see

f*ck all of your bullsh*t
Just lay here with me
Let's f*ck it out
(f*ck it up real nice for the people in the back
Put your hand up high feel the wave right now)

That will definitely
Set you straight
So come through
I got what you looking for
Even maybe more
(Even maybe more)
(Even maybe more)
(Even maybe uh)

Quit complaining
Just saying feel the music
Just feel the music
And get jiggy with it
(Get jiggy with it)
Get jiggy with it

[Chorus: Kimzer]
Mood right, Moon light
Feeling so groovy (UMC)
Check in the good vibes (UMC)
You can't stop me
Take it back
You can't stop us
Cause this is Underworra
Trynna get the mood right

(Underworra Crew uh)

The mood right, Yeah
The mood right

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