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"GZUZ - Drück Drück (English Translation)"

[Part 1: Gzuz]
No mercy, no consideration (wooh)
When a jab hits your face (pah)
We make money with my business (hih)
Everything else is unimportant (na)
Gazo was never a slacker (na)
Because what I do makes me a millionaire (ka-ching)
Sit in a Porsche, sit in a Mercer
And if I come around it will be painful
Press down the bullet, fill up the magazine (yes)
The people in Germany know my reputation (yea)
I don't speak, cause if the talkers want beef
Then, sixteen friends are much faster than you
I wanted it this way, you always have a choice (always)
Drugs packed in my childhood room
Head through the wall, just like Zidane
And a blade will be rammed into your neck (zack)

[Pre-Hook 1: Gzuz]
CL 500 Facelift
Got only the good haze with me
The b*t*hes are calling me
But I got no time, I press decline

[Hook: Gzuz]
The traffic light turns red and I press, press
Pump the shotgun shells and I press, press
Chrome dumbbell, I press, press
Press weed, that's as sticky as a glue stick
Black or red, I press, press
Drive myself dead, cause I press, press
The sl*t screams „Oh!“, when I press, press
They say, „Slow down, boys“, it doesn't help
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