Nick Bonin

"Tea & Cigarettes"

Warmth inside the colds my home
Passing by my life alone
Can't describe when you came along
The perfect mix it keeps me warm

You're on my lips and in my lungs
Your taste so sweet right on my tongue
You're like tea and cigarettes
You're like tea and cigarettes

Remember school bus rides mornings
Long nights couldn't wait to get high
Remember sitting on the porch eyes stuck in the sky
With a mug in my hand and a cigarette to light
Breath in
Haunted by the feeling of a younger version
So carefree just passing time
How I made it through sh*t without questioning life
Now I'm 18
Life ain't a f**king daydream
Way more stressful living on the edge of going crazy
You came back around the perfect time
Brang me to safety
The perfect combination in my life
You're welcome daily
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