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Ice Cube


"Attention all n*gga row's and n*gga hoe's
We've decided to rob this motherf*cker the legal way
Not subjecting ourselves to become properly owned stock
In the penal system. In the justice system"

Penitentiary, I hear you calling me (x4)

[Verse 1]
As the world turns, it burns while it's spinning
Coming to a f*cked-up ending
I can't wait till the day everything in the hood is straight
And I can hit the pearly gates
Until then, the pen is unfair
Slave ships in the middle of nowhere (mama)
I lets my goddamn hair grow (mama)
Bellin' in court, lookin' like a scarecrow
On Capital Hill, they done passed a bill
Coming at me with a f*cked-up deal (what)
The judge gave me a 'L'
But y'all can't tell
I wait and cry in my cell
Convicted negro, superhero
Speaker of the house
Hate the lyrics in my mouth
b*tches in the south showin' ass (mmm)
Mix-a-Lot, got hoes puttin titties on the glass
We blast in the west for example
And rap about this sh*t over funkadelic samples
Yo' babies see me kill a fool on TV (West side!)
And straight call me a G

[Hook 1]
Penitentiary, I hear you calling me
Penitentiary, I hear you calling me
Thinkin' of illegal ways to get paid
But it ain't sh*t, got to be legit

[Hook 2]
In South-central L.A
You can buy your game from the C.I.A., hey-hey
In South-central L.A
You can buy your game from the C.I.A. baby

[Hook 1]

[Verse 2]
When the evil outweighs the good
And you only give a f*ck about the bucks
The Earth will self-destruct (b*tch!)
f*ck the ozone layer, b*tch I'm a playa (b*tch!)
Plus we got a black mayor
I get sex when I show flex (Booom!)
Port Bay Rolex (Booom!)
Which ho is next?
Treat you like a piece of meat, not a mate
Calling you a ho 'cos I'm f*cking on the first date
My world is a one-mile radius
I swear every other hood is the shadiest
Could the Crips and Bloods be all rotten
When the trilateral commission is plottin'?
What you gonna do when the Earth erupts?
Some n*ggas gettin' nuts outa styrofoam cups (punk)
Fool you want monster swoll
But won't even think about, socking Bob Dole (punk)
as*h*le from the Senate
How can you relate to a project tennant?
Motherf*ck you and the Department of Corrections
Tryina' get a section of this west-side connection

[Hook 1] x2
[Hook 2]

Just because you gotta stay
You ain't gotta rot away
We gon' come and get you one day
(repeat until fade)

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