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Ice Cube

"Chicken Hawk"

[Mack 10]
Quietly I stalk, n*ggas call me the Chicken Hawk
Approach with my gun in a two-one-one
As I sick 'em lay my victim may I lick 'em
All action stop nobody move no pop
As I wreck shop red alert make yo blood squirt
When I work in the brownies and the high top chucks to do dirt
Keep it sound put it down my way
Protected by an A.K. as I search for my pray
Through the ghetto hit the peddle every corner I'm turning
Look for the money the kilos and the gallons of shermin n*gga
Till we meet I stash my heat
Neat in my baggage do damage nasty as a savage
Looking for the cabbage
Its own 20 grand I spot a bird in hand
As I spread my wing span, I swoop ready to land
Gotta get him hit the spot grab the sack
And I shake it blessed with the game to make it
Plus it's easier to take it, n*gga

[Hook: Ice Cube]
I'm a chicken hawk huntin' for a chicken
Stickin', my hit to ya brain with the cane, n*gga
I'm a chicken hawk huntin for a chicken
Stickin', my hit to ya brain with the cane, n*gga
"Don't make me kill everybody on this motherf*cker"

[Mack 10]
On a late night creep the hawk soars on a mission
Mashin' through the hood nerd this n*gga had the chickens
36 zones in each sack to be exact
Got 50 G's or more in street value worth of crack
As he put it down out of control with the cavey
Got Benzos on the grass twistin front and back Caddys
Capacino sted of coffe moet
No more rossie Rolex diamonds all glossy
Glossy Mr. Flossy sewed up the block keys to double up rock
I gotta lick heem n*gga want know heen when I get heem me
Shoot strate never hesitate fools cooperate
Or I drag 'em, tag 'em body bag 'em with my magnum
Heat in yo chest how we do it in the west
I gaffle up yo dope and fly back to my nest
I stalk hit up in chalk all over the sidewalk
Its Mack 10 foe life better know as the chicken hawk

[Man] Allo
[Mack 10]
Yeah n*gga, I got yo b*tch, so take all the chickens you got
And put 'em in a dumpster behind The Forum or I'm killing this motherf*cker
[Girl] f*ck this n*gga don't give any sh*t
[Mack 10] b*tch shut the f*ck up right now

[Mack 10]
On a midnight flight the hawk glides through the breeze
Pull my wings at ease as I lands in the palm trees
Overlook my lick set my scope like a sniper
Hawk the b*tch piper be alarmed foe the type a fool
That ah hoo ride when he doo ride
I came ruff out the box Inglewood school of hard nots, n*gga
A gaffle di*k is all I ever gave a ho
Where peneltons not a cape so I can't save a ho
Mack 10 just stepped off the planet of the apes
For the money and dope I never rapes I duct tapes b*tches
Mack 'em down flag 'em down they pull over
Fill lucky as a four leaf clover in a Range Rover
They never know its the hawk his self
My eyes redder than red with St. Ides on my breath
I draw down all this lickin' got me nervous so I'm twitchin'
b*tch two to the dome or take me to yo n*gga chickens

[Hook x2]
Foe life

[Man] Allo?
[Mack 10]
Oh I see you Mr. Funny-man
Aw motherf*ckin'
Yeah you're the kind of n*gga that ??? with your b*tch
Well listen to this motherf*cker
*Gun shots*
*Hang up*

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