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Frenzo Harami


[Verse 1]
Hand myself in, I've gotta do another bid
Oh Allah forgive me for the things that I did
I was just tryna put the mandem on the grid
Got me thinking back to when we were kids
Sorry Ammi I was tryna make a quid
On the roads I was ducking from the CIDs
Now we're pushing packs in Madrid
Had enough of them grasses, I'm just tryna get rid
Belly fat, just look at the did
Now we're in the restaurant eating squid
My brudda got forty and he didn't bat an eyelid
Real killers where I live, you might lose a wig
Stray nug shots, you might lose a kid
Fam I told you it's peak where I live
Stressed out so I take another swig
Done hella haraam but I'll never eat a pig

Tere jaane ka gham, aur na aane ka gham
Phir zamaane ka gham, kya karein?
Raah dekhe nazar, raat bhar jaag kar
Par teri toh khabar na mile

[Verse 2]
Bullets burn skin and rip fibre
My young G's got stripes like a tiger
We're stuffing cash in a bin liner
Decorate the crop house with the miler
I've been trapping ever since I was a minor
For that shine she might give you a shiner
Put the Cali in the grinder
In the slore house is where you'll find her
Man it's a pity she's a slag
But f**k it, give that nitty another gram
Ayo he seen me and he ran
Cah we've got them spinners like Yosemite Sam
I lost my bro man I swear that hit me hard
I remember days we were wishing on a star
Then we got the gear and we mixed it in a jar
Fam I shed a tear every time I see azaan
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