Audio Two
What Is Sexy
(Fat Joe:)
Big Boys anthym! 718, 205 come on


(Chorus X2)
What is sexy? Love's in the eye of the beholder
Sex me, Baby we can get closer, freaky
Up in the crib, Come on over, sex me
Your so sexy, What is sexy?

Baby I saw you through my rearview
And you know I'm a big man
They say to know me is to love me
And you love me for who I am
So Imma win some, I lose
But the point is to chose
That one that keeps my happy
And my point of chosing you
Is the fact that you are so sexy, yeah

I've been thinking (girl)
About you (girl)
If this world was mine, then its yours (girl)
But the cribs and the cars and jewels
Imma keep so I can floss with my boys on the weekends
And, I'm not scared of commitment
But the big man, Handles his business
And my business is you and me, coz you are so sexy...
Baby I would do anything (girl)
Ain't nothing I will do for your love (X4)

(Fat Joe:)
Yo, When it comes to chicks, Im sick wit it
Late night quick in it
Or til late when the daylights still in it
Yah when i rock, bounce with it ma
Love it when that pretty brown brown get on top
Won't go ...but i kiss around it
And i pound that whoo! like the place was surrounded
Listen to me, its the big boys anthym
And i speak like this coz u know that this big boy's handsome
Its the high yelling bad boy
U say Cris gotta thing for the fast toys
I ain't lyin or flyin with ease
G-4 knockin Alicia Keys
We both, mami this is cheese

(Chorus until end)
Do you hear me come on? (X3)
Da da da for the big boys
This is for the big boys (big boys big boys)
This if for the big boys (the big sistas too, know wha i mean?
This is for all of us, we in style again)