Beach House
City Lights
[Intro: Beach House]
Keep in touch
Somethin' happens and it's not enough
Never thought that it would mean so much
Other people want to keep in touch
Was it ever quite enough?

[Verse 1: Salience]
I see the city lights. Come here, come and find me
Sweeter than the poison that I'm drinking from my ivy
Finer than a woman with them curves, let me sight see
And cooler than a bad bitch drinkin' on some iced tea
Look at me and see, I'm going off to Hollywood
Cheers to the people who said man I thought he could
Make it real big, live it large. Man, I probably should
Dedicate my life to the music and the common good (common good)
All I knew is one day I would make it
I'm searching for the life, if they give it, I'mma take it
Until I found my passion, I felt like I was vacant
If you think I'm in for money then you surely are mistaken
If you think I'm lying here's a word to the wise
You can gain that money if it's worth all your time
Just never live your life without purpose in mind
I'm living my life free like a bird in the sky
I'm never looking back because I live with no regrets
If you're thinking about hating then you better show respect, son
If you’re a lady and you never show affection
I can be your teacher and I'll show your ass a lesson
And all this time it never did occur to me
I got the skill to steal the game like a burglary
I kill these beats, every song is like a murder scene
I'm way outta this world, you could say I'm up in Mercury
I never doubted me. You could say your proud of me
It never change the fact that I'm thinking rap hourly
Give it all my hundred and that’s what you'll get out of me
I'm heading for the top and that's what your about to see
I'm in a race and I'm striving for that gold
And all I gotta say is ready, set, go
[Bridge: Beach House]x6
Go, g-go, go, go, go

[Verse 2: Salience]
You can see me posing up in every single magazine
Rap is in my DNA, you can call it adenine
I really couldn't care if the haters getting mad at me
I'm never slowing down cause I'm stepping on the gasoline
All that really matters is sticking to the plan
I couldn't live my dreams if it wasn't for my fans
So I gotta say thank you. Ever since my debut
They been talking Salience, while others saying "Sa who"?
Never change the plan, I'll always stay grateful
Try to make the money, but never let it make you
I see these rappers, but no one can compare to me
My flows so crazy that my listeners need therapy
Dissecting all my words cause I pick 'em so carefully
They try to mimic, but they really do it terribly
This is real music. C'mon join the movement
They say I'm unknown, but nah, I'm just exclusive (exclusive)

[Outro: Beach House]
It takes all kinds of weather
Distant new skies
Someday nothing can reach us
These days go by