Got Ahead of Myself lyrics

Quest (PH)


Words and music: Jose Villanueva III
Featured artist: Dani Idea
Mix and master: Emil Dela Rosa

Verse 1

I’ve been thinking about you lately
And I’m going a little crazy
Without you beside me, baby
Well maybe we can drive around
Town just you, me no safety
You down? I’ll pick you up 330
Or how, about we head to
Where the waves hit the ground
Right now, let’s go

Baby the tank is full
I got some extras with me
Maybe a day or two
Prepare the playlist for me
Don’t forget Stevie, and Riri
Avicii and Jay Z
A Thousand Miles bеtter be in therе

So hyped up like a fool
My insides already screamin’
But reality is cruel
Cause oh yeah I’m just daydreamin’
But maybe one day you’ll hear me
Then see me, then love me completely yeah yeah


Wherever you are
Get ready for the crazy life
Not perfect but we’ll make this right
My ride or die, my favorite
My lady
Whoever you are
Can’t wait for you to be my wife
Not perfect but I’ll treat you right
Yes we will be a favorite
The greatest

Verse 2

Breakfast at Caravan
Right after morning devotion
Or feel the salty breeze
Waking up in the Indian Ocean
Play tag in the grocery
Let you beat me in Tekken 3
Get lost for 2 weeks in Italy
Solve life’s greatest mystery
Oh movie nights with Pizza
I’ll eat all the pineapples
That leaning tower of Pisa
Photo I just can’t capture
We will never ride solo
Who playing at the Apollo
I’ll make the best hot coco -- yo chill



I can’t wait to be your wife
You’re crazy but I know you’re right for me
My forever favorite
My greatest love
It’s gonna be a crazy ride
And I know we’re gonna make this right
Did I already say that you’re my favorite
My greatest



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