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"Drunk / Lasing"

[incoherent mumbling]….know why, you tell yourself why, because why is the understanding of why
For example, for ex, for example, Lizzie why you do that?

In that great gettin’ up morning
Fare you well, fare you well
Great gettin’ up morning
Fare you well, fare you well
In that great gettin’ up morning
Fare you well, fare you well, Ooh

[Verse 1]
In that great gettin’ up morning
I’ma tell you again as if you never heard it
All I see are endless cycles turnin’
Families gettin’ torn apart ‘cause kids ain’t feelin’ worth it
A billion bad burdens piling on your back
Don’t be the broken vessel, breaking bottles leavin’ cracks
The doubt is based on all the failures that you dwell on
Better take a break from validation you depend on

You so spoiled, compared to our people back home
But the conditions you were raised
Put some pressure on your name
The frustration takes its place in your soul
You don’t know who to blame
Maybe your parents
Maybe the system
Maybe America
Or the convicted
You actin’ high and mighty
You might need to humble down, listen up
Light the fiery flames before you put it out

[Chorus 1]
No, it ain’t a sin to know
No it ain’t a sin to see
That you’re swayed by the flow
That you’re a victim of greed
Ignoring those with no home
You’re superficially free
You’re drunk off money & gold
Got no sense of charity

[Verse 2]
I know it’s easier to help the people you can see
But yo life ain’t worth more or less than those who really need
The kind of love you’re given, blessed and living life so free
So look around and realize
That you’re drunk

Saan pa, kaya nagtitinginan pala sa akin ang mga tao
(Translation: Of course, no wonder people kept staring at me)

That's not my fault, Mom, I just told you right now

[Intro to Lasing]
I don’t need to listen to your thoughts if you take life for granted
No, I won’t be the bigger person, you can’t understand me
I just can’t see the effort
I can’t see no footprints
Any proof that you can use your legs and move
While your whole ego’s damaged
I can see those
Pierced like a needle
Hey (x4)

I will never know the struggle of waking up as a kid
On a folded box with forty different strangers walking by
Not aware who’d kidnap me against my pride
Sex trafficking so prevalent now it’s barely a danger sign
It broke my heart to a see a naked child playing while worrying
It broke me down to see her sibling playing in her urine
You call that gross, but that’s the city where my family grew up
Most of these children tossed aside, and they might never know love
The things we take for granted like traveling and viewing oceans
Are things they’ll never know ‘cause poverty is all they know, and
You like to show off your vacations and jewelry and cruises, modded cars
While these children beg to be safe from abusing

No, I’m not trying to guilt trip anybody
I’m just sick of my own people forgetting that they still have somebody
It’s just that we complain about the things that make life simple
We got 15 year olds complainin’ about being single
But at the same time, I know that every problem’s valid
I’m always here to listen, try to help, but I can’t manage
To show you I’m aware that I’m a hypocrite, too
I guess I say the words I say ‘cause they’re not only for you
Depression and anxiety-ridden, I know it’s painful
But don’t turn sadness into aesthetic just so you'll feel full
Asian American, but I’m painfully arrogant, I’ll say it once again
It’s time we get off our feet and stop being

[more incoherent mumbling] For example, for ex, for example, Lizzie why you do that?

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