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The Proclaimers

"Be With Me"

I don't try to be the one
Who rains or snows on all your fun
Believe it or not, it's easy done
I do it everyday

You don't have to be nineteen
To be a slave to hopeless dreams
Or hang your soul from rotten beams
I do it everyway

I can see you're not like me
You take your time
And you weigh things carefully
But I can see you're just like me
You've got a nasty streak
Running through your empathy

This is going to end in pain
I'll curse the day I learned your name
And watch the days roll down the drain
And love you anyway

Now it's turning serious
That'll be the death of us
I'm frightened of the way I feel
I'm writing this, I know it's real
You beckon me towards catastrophe

Be with me brightest one
You've got a light round you
Like you stole the sun
Be with me pretty one
I gaze on you and I'm overcome
Come along with me
You've got to see
How you break my heart
With your sanity

Please be with me

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