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You gotta look, see who it is
I ain't quit, I was late, this year was pretty
sh*t faced, how I forget
It's getting late, baby
I've never been in a situation like this before
Let's get married
You see you leisurely run a breeze
We know what it means, to be at peace
When you're alone, it's way to easy to overload
But as our cage lowers, we move, city stays
Shoulder holy woes, role not so sh*tty weed
To stay on my toes
This young pod of peas, reached down, green overdose
We rock chlorophyll's, so into the sun we lope
On the deepest crowded fields
God's love soil will grow
Y'all n*ggas know been destined from the jump
I done, waited done one thing, that's just never done
And I hardly had the fund
I want what I want
And I'm just what she need-
Everybody slow as slugs
Eh, y'all can't match my speed, on that curve
A world of swirl, when it slip, a lick against the squirtle squad
It's like voodoo boy, a n*gga pseudo wild
I got the juice you know? Call it Kuno style
Fear Fac's on you hoes
Man's get injera and the sh*t'll prowl, uh
Half-full pocket and a big ol' smile
On Instagram

[Outro] x2
Yo this my jam, everytime I hear it I die inside
Then reincarnate, it's the highest wise
It's the lavish sh*t
Because love is here, yup this is it
Do your best, you know I ain't quit, uh

Who the f*ck Instagram's
Give me this

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