LET IT RAIN lyrics


Neco 'bout to shoot ya

[Verse 1: Grave 718]
G-g-g-g-gut out his insides
These kids know how to copy the style so they d**k riding
Two tools in this b*t*h and they big sliding
Foh get out my way better get hiding
Fa, bow, fa bow
I let it bang in this b*t*h
Grata, let it rain in this b*t*h
[?] in this b*t*h
Knock his ass out [?] on this b*t*h
Gratata, now his b*t*h ass in a ditch
Hopped out with the tool then I came back with six
6-6-6 shots at his head

[Verse 2: Yung Flex]
I cannot f**k with these rappers
I send them to heaven like I was a pastor
These n***as ain't with the {?]
I hit the scene and I'm waiting to disappear
Like a young n***a was Casper
He run up on me he get blasted
Pull up, get poppеd dead
We gon show you wherе the Glocks at
Wet up, I'll show you where the mop at
[?] pop that
Stop it
You trap but you ain't gon pop sh*t
Ima [?] my mind, guess I'm toxic
Imma cancel his life with the chop stick
22 double [?] in my pocket
Bet that b*t*h gon blow up like a rocket
We gon pull up and make sh*t chaotic
Payback, playback
Choppa hit him in his face tats
All my young n***as strapped up like a soldier
Bet this choppa make him crank that

[Verse 3: Lazy3x]
Fa, fa
Walk in that b*t*h and I'm spraying my gun
You know I ate ass but she giving me top
I came with the band b*t*h I came with the guap
[?] if that n***a wan' talk
I got the Glock and I'm airing sh*t out
b*t*h I'm tryna spark I ain't talking it out
That n***a he trash ain't taking him out
Why he wanna laugh but that n***a a clown
That n***a gassing his ass to the clouds
I'm on the block [?]
[?] she giving me mouth
You messing with Grave and get put in a grave, boy
You ready to talk [?] decoy
Not from Miami but I keep the heat, boy
You say that's you daughter? Well n***a, Imma hit her
b*t*h I'm in the trap moving pack like a zipper
Walk in the mall and I buy all the sh*t
That n***a my son, stop taking my sh*t

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