LET IT RAIN (Original) lyrics


Neco 'bout to shoot ya

[Verse 1: Grave 718]
Gut out his insides
Know they can’t copy the style so they d**k riding
Two tools in this b*t*h and they been slidin'
So hoe get outta my way better get hidin'
Fah pow fah pow
Pop pop let it bang in this b*t*h
Glahtah let it rain in this b*t*h
I ain’t come for friendship I bring pain in this b*t*h
Lay his ass out I ain’t playing that b*t*h
Bet I knock his ass out then I’m layin' his b*t*h
If he run his damn mouth hit the lane and then switch
Glahtahtah now his b*t*h ass in a ditch
Ran down with the two and then came back with six
Six six six shots at his kids
Made six six six pimpin' that b*t*h
She said I’m sick but I know that sh*t

[Verse 2: Yung Flex]
I cannot f**k with these rappers
I send them to heaven like I was a pastor
These n***as ain't with the [?]
I hit the scene and I'm waiting to disappear
Likе a young n***a was Casper
He run up on me hе get blasted
b*t*h pull up, get popped dead
We gon' show you where the Glocks at
Wet up, I'll show you where the mop at
[?] pop that
Stop it
You said but you ain't gon' pop sh*t
Homicidal my mind, guess I'm toxic
I'ma cancel his life with the chop stick
22 double [?] in my pocket
Bet that b*t*h gon' blow up like a rocket
We gon' pull up and make sh*t chaotic
Aye payback, lay back
Choppa hit him in his face tats
All my young n***as strapped up like a soldier
Boy bet this chopper make him crank that b*t*h

[Verse 3: Lazy3x]
Fa, fa
Walk in that b*t*h and I'm spraying my gun
You know I ate ass but she giving me top
I came with the band b*t*h I came with the guap
[?] if that n***a wan' talk
I got the Glock and I'm airing sh*t out
b*t*h I'm tryna spark I ain't talking it out
That n***a he trash I'm taking him out
Why he wanna laugh but that n***a a clown
That n***a gassing his ass to the clouds
I'm on the block [?]
[?] she giving me mouth
You messing with Grave and get put in a grave, boy
You ready to talk [?] decoy
Not from Miami but I keep the heat, boy
You say that's you daughter? Well n***a, Imma hit her
b*t*h I'm in the trap moving pack like a zipper
Walk in the mall and I buy all the sh*t
That n***a my son, stop taking my sh*t

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