Learned a new method that got some consoles out the GameStop
Jugged a n***a with an accent and I thought it was T.I
That little ass pop put this sh*t up by the leader
I just bought it today and got blood on my wife beater
Think it’s billie eilish just scammed a white seether
He put ten on the weed he ain’t even got a singular, dollar
He tried to take the bank cheese where you going big fella
Stop cheating on your girl n***a you bouta make me tell her
f**ked that b*t*h from the back she started singing acapella
Popped 27 Percocets man this sh*t is abnormal
Got 10 different hoes pregnant have to get 10 abortions
Shot my mans and hid him in my underground fortress
Went to the casino to make play and made a fortune
Chopped to pull the 20 off but they Jammed the yacht
Popped a n***a left him in a Mercedes Benz Car Lot
Hes riding in a bucket He had to take it to the car shop
I just left the shotty on the n***a and made his heart stop
Payed 800 for my b*t*h Chanel flip flops spent $100 just to grab me some Ziplocs
I know you're rolly fake from over here I hear it Tick Tock
You know the routine after I f**k a b*t*h get blocked
sh*t was to easy b*t*h was amazed by some Black Rock
750 for these Louis Swim shorts
Your piece is only here food in packs of Newports, I don't know nobody who spoke in no court you f**king with n***as who make the reports
I'm in a Ritz-Carlton Resort my white girl had a seizure in despite of one snort
You got them game systems I was dressed up as a dork
Burnt that n***a body if I lit his clothes with a torch
A n***a try to stand in a old 10 Porsche I’m bouta start a dischool come and role in a court
Think I’m bigger then the rap I need a sneaker deal endorsement
Cut my b*t*h of she was talking to the law enforcement
A bank play call that hold up this important went there with 5,000 left with 20 out of Portland
Put some iPhones. I'm just waiting on the postal
Robbed the engineer cos he f**ked up on my vocals
I see the whole youth through these Gucci vibe vocals
How the f**k is you a Weed man and you ain't even mobile he couldn’t talk for no more than 10 minutes cuz he got minutes with T-Mobile sent the runners out the store to get some iPhones with T-Mobile
Your b*t*h f**k everybody don’t act like nobody told you
I just used my Visa debit be in the clear with my total
More high-tech with my boys in the trenches
I just logged on to the dark web and bought a Hitman killed that n***a in front of my white boy he said sh*t man
The spot like Cedar Point's of Gideon You need a wristband
Caught my man stealing so I cut off his wrists my b*t*h caught me cheating she cut of my d**k
You a f**king clown trying to blow up off skits if anybody said you’re making money it’s a myth
High Power Scope I can probably hit a moth
Fire ass piece It doesn't matter what it cost
Try to outrun a vet best believe you getting haunt
f**ked a b*t*h two times a now n***a getting stalked
I just sold a couple iPhones at the Metro lit a blow whilst pumping my gas and blew up the Valero
You been in the same spot your whole life like a scarecrow
Made some fire ass music now i blew up the studio
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