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How the f*ck? What did I just do?


Touch down and I switch states, rental with some Honda plates
My n*ggas eating get a plate, you grew up full of b*tch traits
He tried to rob me with a trey eight, selling pills out of bay eight
On the run like Tay K, shot a n*gga with a AK
Everyday is payday, counting 20 eating a Payday
Smacked my cousin named rae rae, pull up on you smoke you Dae Dae
Soulja Boy got my draco, gave that pus*y boy a halo
I'm a glory boy like Tadoe, you asked for prices but ain't pay though
Had a threesome with a gay hoe, and they like drinking anejo
Swiping cards I caught a case bro, worker scared she ain't wanna go
She a prostitute but ain't wanna hoe, but imma keep that on the low
Killed a n*gga at the corner store, Drake on me you know OVO
Stop talking to me you dirty hoe, f*ck his b*tch then I gotta go
I'm getting money you gotta know, seen a opp then I gotta blow
Plug foreign say adios, I just robbed a party host
Hate b*tches they do the most, killed a n*gga then seen him on a post
Fried his b*tch ass like some toast, and now that pus*y boy a ghost
Played basketball had to slap my coach, cause his b*tch ass ain't wanna let me play
I scam a different n*gga everyday, I'm getting money in every way
Smoked a n*gga like mary jane, u a thief like Rocaine
Blowing on that propane, bout to get a chain from Johnny Dang
You wasn't with me through the pain, when unc was selling cocaine
At the spot he had them white thangs, bout to go and get a ice chain
Why you wearing face ice mane?, no Migos I need a icetray
And a record label with good pay, made 10 thousand had a good day
I got them birds no OJ, pour some codeine in my OJ
Say u getting money n*gga okay, boy I just hit a bank play
And that b*tch was a BOA, that b*tch hit for 10k
Picked it up the next day, and I'm waiting on this next play
Gave me head she need a neck brace, bro that old car need brakes
I'm in New York and I need drank, and they kicked me out cause my weed stank
Shot my cousin cause he tried to prank me, ran from my mama cause she tried to spank me
Brought a zip and broke it down to eightys, growing up about to have a baby
Off the juice it got me kinda lazy, left my girl cause she kinda crazy
White girl and her name is Katy, had her get some iPhones
Eating good I need lipo, what u wanna lose? Your life bro?

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