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"Summer Over"

Of course

It's time to get back to the money, but I had fall while it was summer (Come on)
Getting too big to be in public so I had to send a runner (Yeah)
He think that bulletproof vest gon' help him, shoot at his upper (b*tch)
Your feelings all hurt over a b*tch, you a sucker (pus*y ass n*gga)
Poured some hi-tec in my McDonald's caramel mocha (Nasty)
Spiked my own pop, I'm drinkin' percs and Coca-Cola
Scammed five hundred people through a burnt out Motorolla (f*ck y'all)
My little cousin told on me, I stole the Xbox controller (Lil' snitch)
Lost a game of 2K and broke the game and controller (b*tch)
My momma just left the crib, I'm 'bout to have a b*tch come over (Come over)
My bullet missed his head, but it took off his shoulder
Somehow I got a rocket launcher, but it's too big on my shoulder
Smoke a hundred blunts a day 'cause I get mad when I'm sober (*cough, cough, cough*)
Ain't nothin' wrong with it, I stacked up fifty being a loner (For real)
Ain't no way I'm goin' broke, I'm tapped in with business loaners
Watch how my brother make half a million just off being a business owner
All the young hoes be kids, I like mine a lil' older
Got hold of my hater's IP, and then I wiped out his modem (b*tch)
Get money and go home, n*gga that's my only motto
She got her titties and ass done, now she wanna be a model
Bought a pint for my brother then I drunk the whole bottle
Hate poppin' RP's 'cause they too big to swallow
This b*tch wanna give me head but said I'm too big to swallow (No)
You only had one dollar for a Swisher Cigarello (Woah)
Why you buy a ten bag then roll it in a Cigarello? (Why?)
Why did I buy a whole quarter then drop it in one Cigarello? (I don't know)
Prolly 'cause I ain't stetching my weed out like you fellows
I'm 'bout to have it raining money y'all better bring y'all umbrellas (Come on)
Can't be the same as other people, I bought a Gucci umbrella
Was slipping and got set up, computer, embosser, reader-writer, I got the whole fraud setup
Been doing fraud for ten years straight and police still ain't catch us
Bust his brain open, now his blood look like ketchup (Bah)
You not a real scammer if you still using textplus (b*tch)
Got a bank deposit, it said "comma plus plus plus" (Ching)
See my opp in the mall and I'm 'bout to *gunshots*
Was 'bout to fight a Chinese n*gga 'til he pulled out some nunchucks
I see you got on Chuck's Taylor
Scammed my way onto the Fader
He shouldn't have been on Instagram, I just scammed an 8th grader
Been using the same method, it been going on for ages (b*tch)

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