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"Bikini Bottom"


Shoot my new chop, I gotta hold it like a banjo
Sprinted out the back, I heard the feds raid my bando
Shootin' at you from all different angles like I'm Lando
Went to Exotic Rentals and I got me a new Land Rover
Exotic pounds of gas for the low 'cause I know weed growers
Think you got a new b*tch hitting the road, but I bet we know her
That lil' n*gga ain't f*ckin' with me and I bet he know it
Show me any different kind of method, bet I seen or sold it
Spent four-hundred dollars on some juice, where the exotic soda?
He walked up on that stand and got to singing like a soap opera
Extended magazine, my sh*t singing like a soap opera
Snuck my Backwoods and my weed in a hot sauna
Still don't know why I did that, sh*t, it was a bad idea
Still don't know the reason I dropped out of school, it was a bad idea
Put my Chinese voice on and told the jugg I'm from North Korea
Went to boot camp and fought a crazy b*tch named Kiara
Built a website and I made my own merchandise
Before I buy this strap from you bro, let me shoot it twice
Snatched it out his hand and I shot the lil' n*gga twice
Then it backfired and I f*cked around and shot myself
Got my hands on a fire BIN from Philadelphia
In my DM, I ain't helpin' ya
Too low, somebody help me
Got into a shootout, fan meetup up at Wealthy
A hundred VPNs, I'm on the internet stealthy
Located in Detroit but it says Mississippi
Off three Percocets, came to my interview itching
He hate his garbage ass job, so he walked inside b*tchin'
Brand new Glock, this b*tch came with an extension
Can't pay his phone bill 'fore he call for extension
Spent eight-hundred dollars on my girlfriend extensions
Made twenty-thousand dollars out a dirty ass kitchen
A n*gga called me for a feature and we did it in his kitchen
Found his address then seen his car and left dents in it
A b*tch bust her pus*y wide open, put my di*k in it
Amiri jeans too f*ckin' tight, can't fit my stick in 'em
He leavin' crazy comments on my page so I'ma get with him

Play it from the, uh, top

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