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"The Cave: Season 2 - Episode 5"

Whoa Kenny

This b*tch keep askin' me for money, I'm not a ATM
The bullet rip through him and it rip through his cranium
I'm 'bout to pour some Hi-Tech up in my orange juice
I just helped my cousin escape in a orange jumpsuit
He got all these tattoos, this n*gga think he Lil Pump
I just shot a n*gga in the stomach with a shotgun, it's a pump
And they can't find him 'cause I put him in a dumpster
Had to drop out of school early, I was flunkin'
I was four years old, my mama caught me f*ckin'
This lil n*gga a cop, all he need is a donut
I need some Hi-Tech lil n*gga, I'm 'bout to pour up
Why the f*ck you cryin' 'cause you broke n*gga? So what?
I heard this broke n*gga eatin' Subway cold cuts
I'm 'bout to go to the barbershop and get a new cut
This b*tch went to Dr. Miami to get a new booty
I'm shootin' footballs out this b*tch like I know Stooley
I just shot a n*gga in real life, this is not a movie
My AR so loud, this b*tch sound like a Kenny beat
di*k suckin' ass n*gga, lil boy, you my mini-me
I just topped a Percocet so now I got energy
He tried to buy a whole pound from me but I sold him hash
Talkin' code word with my plug like "I need some gas"
Soon as I lit this sh*t up, they thought somebody passed gas
I can't take my n*ggas nowhere with they ratchet ass
I'm 'bout to find some new BIN's on Internet Explorer
The bullet killed his b*tch ass and didn't leave a sore
You can't afford no food 'cause you f*ckin' poor
I'm 'bout to f*ck your b*tch n*gga, close the door
We been up on the opps n*gga, check the score
I see you talkin' real crazy n*gga, check yourself
f*cked a b*tch and got a STD, you need to check yourself
I think I lost my gun in the car, I need to check myself
My other hand tied up, I hit 'em with my left
Shot a n*gga in his leg and he bled to death
I just robbed one of my opps and made him say sorry
And then I went to shoot up a bachelorette party
I just seen a n*gga kill himself on the black market
I'm paranoid inside the store, just seen a bunch of black people
I just killed a n*gga and I know that it's not legal
My n*ggas got more hits than a black beatles
I just f*cked a black b*tch, she's a black beetle
One time I shot up a n*gga black Regal
And one time I shot a girl and almost killed the fetus
I was broke as hell one day, left me in the cold freezin'
And I took a n*gga chain, now my neck freezin'
Hopefully they bring him back to life, 'cause he's not breathin'
I just paid two thousand for these Buffs, I cannot see you
Broke ass n*gga in the crib, eatin' a McDouble m-
Uh, fries, nuggets, and like a milkshake, that n*gga broke

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