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"Off White"

[Producer Tag]
Jay Santelli

Perfect size template made myself a birth certificate
Gotta air dry it soon as I'm done printing it
Wearing a off white jacket, off the white Timberlands
VVS is sitting on my chest got me shivering
Headed out my grandma house when she offered me some chitlins
Walked straight out [?]
They caught you walking out the club and you got a brutal beating
She keep listening to my music, she want front row seating (at my show)
Ask the b*tch where you 'bout to go for the evening
Do you got [?] or Regions?
Learned some knowledge online reading it
Expensive [?] Medusa
Expensive ass gun and the clip look like a ruler
Mini draco, it look like a pre-schooler
I was f*cking hoes even as a pre-schooler
You scared of all the kids, that's why you a private schooler
Drove through the bank ATM on the bird scooter
You a lame n*gga, that's why you be third wheeling
Went to the strip club and I brung back three women
Get up out your feelings, boy you acting like a woman
The draco barrel hot 'cause I just took it out the oven
Cremade your body, stuff your sh*t inside a oven
Then drag it outside so I can blow up the whole oven
Rusty military gun I just sold it to my cousin
I just told this b*tch don't squirt on me while we f*cking
A hundred round clip, bout to start tuck, roll, and ducking
A hundred iPhones, I just touch downed in Denvi
Pulled up in a pop and I watched that sh*t fizz
Sipping out a sippy cup
Grab his body, wrap it up
Grab your hair, wrap it up
Hundred bands, stack it up
Thick tall b*tch look like Megan Thee Stallion
My Cash App down so you can just PayPal it
Why your b*tch stuck to my di*k like a magnet?

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