"Final Destination"

[Verse 1]
We cracked the code on the Matrix, it's time to face it we striving with no budget
They want our masters, they tryna buy it, they won't budge us (Nah)
I hit the charts but the major bloggers they won't cover it
Thanks to Rory, Parks and Mal, I'm a giant that Joe judges (woo!)
Huh, they gon' defy us and so what us (What?)
But if this carries on we gon' riot for four summers (Yeah)
Business is enjoyed when you figure out what your stocks worth
Tryna find who you are, just eliminate who you not first (Real sh*t)
My life is better but the block's worse (Okay)
So Rest In Pеace Chi, 'cause seeing you laying up in that box hurts (R.I.P.)
How could we еver think we not cursed
Baby mother pregnant during a SWAT search
We just lucky she got birth
Speaking of my daughter (daughter), the older she gets it's harder to keep her from the aura (Uh huh)
It's deeper than the Torah

When I told I think it's time that we split ways (Pain)
Then I told you I grinded just like a sick slave, tryna get these bricks shaved (Remember?)
Yeah, that's two thousand and six way back when Stacks had the two tone Boxster with big plates
Switch dates
Now we in the present (We here)
I told you your darkest hour is only sixty minutes (Okay)
You thought that I was finished (Never)
A span of twenty years been in this business (Uh huh)
I gave you all the real, that's because I am the realest
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