PJ Morton

"I Can’t Wait x Tak Bisa Bersama"

[Verse: Vidi Aldiano & PJ Morton]
I can't wait till I get back to you
All this distance has me missing, yeah
All the good times that we used to share
I took for granted
Petty semantics, yeah

But now I'm seeing everything so clear
And all I know is that I want you here

[Pre-Chorus: PJ Morton, Vidi Aldiano, Both]
Just to think (Ooh)
All the things we missed
If we ended like this
It'll be a big regret
So I won't waste time (Ooh)
The next time there's a chance (Chance)
A chance to hold your hand
And tell you how I feel

[Refrain: PJ Morton, Vidi Aldiano, Both]
Haruskah ku terus mencoba (Terus mеncoba)
Salahkah keadaan bila (Aah)
Terlanjur mencinta (Ooh)
Mеski kita tak sama
Tak bisa (Tak bisa)
Tak bisa bersama
Haruskah ku terus mencoba
Salahkah keadaan bila (Salahkah bila)
Terlanjur mencinta (Ooh)
Meski kita tak sama
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