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Yung NewZealand


Culture Shifted
Dad cried on the phone because his boy so gifted
Came a long way from the midnight evictions
Sleeping in the car woke up all these visions
Life ain't match what my dreams displayed, I felt displaced
Half Maori, half hiphop
But your DNA gets hidden deep away when your raised by the ways of an all white place!
Still Cambridge on my chest though
Still aiming for first place
I jumped on a plane way out the Six
And pumped two sevens into my face
Not a mind your average mind can understand
I put pen to pad
Ink bleed the truth
My mind get loose
I tie the noose
Excuse you as I execute these plans
Magic with these words
Wizard with these hands, yeahhhh
Put you under my spell hard
With these scars bigger than Lily and James' lil man
Damn, school in session
Where's my bag for all these lessons?
All this stressing that we done made it through
In the kitchen whippin' miracles to use
Starving for more, driven my default mood
The hunger grew when there wasn't any food
Life gave me lemons so I squeezed the fruit
But it's still sour faces every-time I slide through
Smile through it all
Here to peruse before death read me my rights
What a journey man, what a story man
Jeeeeeesh man what a ride!
This tale could save em all so I dove inside
God on the throne, nit picked her mind
Told me to close my eyes, shut wide
And my hands, they began to write

My hands they began to write x4

Culture shifted, man what a time
All these clones pumping lil minds
I ain't Skateboard P or UZI V
Yung here to flip these kids in line
Grip the tape at the finish line and hold it open for all those behind
Like a gentlemen
Ain't no need to be Rich, b*tch this world is mine
Melly told me that we all shine
Free Melvin, I got healing on my mind
Future trips like I'm McFly
Switched the present to what I like
I pushed the drama out the timeline
This energy matter, E for Einstein
Sweep the yellow brick road
So there's no more room for clips when they drive by
Swanging good vibes
Keep them waves high
Peep them felines
Got a stack left to do before I hit the gates though
Can't be late, so
Racing fate to finish this divine food for God's sake
Pray the people pass up the plates for this layer cake
Dive inside, find god on the throne
Nit Picked her mind
Told you to close your eyes, shut wide
I know you know what's right

My hands, they began to write x4

Radio told me to dumb it down
Well radio dead who the dumby now?
If you missed the boat, I ain't up for sale
I met Chance the Rapper, I can't never fail
I'm aiming to help each my parents take a for sale sign out the lawn of a brand new pad
And give their grandkids hope that they never had
Using only my cool, yeah your boy been bad
Yeah ya boy done grew
Giant dreams and drive made a magic brew
True recognise true
Through me explaining myself
I pray that you find you
I'm here to f*ck up the game
Nah this ain't no exercise
You can run and tell Coach K
I been training for this my whole life, aye

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