"My sputnik sweetheart"

You let yourself lose control
And wanting to feel more
You can lie down like a skeleton
Bones in view

Lend some time to come in
My sputnik sweetheart sighs
I don’t want to meet your friends
Hold me do

Learn to eat like nothing’s left
Who is your influence
Losing sense of self and place
Asking who

If beds are known as place to rest
My rest is built on fear
When did you stop to ask if i
Wanted to

Many cuts from pointy doors
A room can get so small
Hardly pass and breathing’s gone

I keep seeing these decapitated crow’s heads
Lying around on the way home from my bus

Hard encounters breaking bones
If something is porcelain fragile
Your shirt surely breaks the fall
If someone’s (someone’s) fragile (made in) porcelain (porcelain) fashion (fashion)
Look around, watch yourself, is it what you want, look around, watch yourself, is this really what you want, your friend invented friendship
Shards cut, watch yourself, is this really happening, new friend, small rooms too shy to say hi to your imaginary friend
Too loud, watch yourself, hope it’s happening, hope it’s happening
Inferno, watch yourself, no one’s ever seen you as a friend

Not that you’d notice
Not that I’d want less
When you can bother
And when I can too
Let’s visit one another
And remember why we don’t do

Went along again and I can’t beat myself up enough over it
I can’t please myself so I resort to pleasing you
Now that my rib cage shows I’d love to rip it up for you
There lie my organs like a maze down to my heart
Should you find yourself within arms reach I’d close myself up again
You’d have my heart and I could never see you again

(If you’re crying, know there is reason to)
(If you want to come in, it’s okay to)
(If you want to sit this one out, you could come back)
(If a space is too big, a room can still get small)
(Remember that it isn’t always your fault)
(Remember that a poorly drawn person can still be loved)
(And if you hate yourself sometimes)
(Sputnik sweetheart you’re for one)

(If you’re alone and no one’s there to see it, does it count)
(Anyway alone's too vague and relative)
(If you need a reference to compare with, and no one is around)
(If you’re painted, does it count)
(If you feel so very vulnerable, and helpless in their arms)
(Then what’s the point, in sharing your flaws)

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