Pasto Flocco


Balling hard, check the shot clock
Yeah we finna make a movie with the gang you know we gon' pop out
Late night up in the party, you know we lit, got the thots out
We in the front together I stay with the gang cuz' you know that the ops out
They be talking on my name cuz' they just want clout
For the n***as in the back, gotta say that sh*t loud
He don't really want beef he don't know what I'm about
[?] what she say?
She be running her mouth

They be asking me where I be buying my clothes
Tell em I don't know (yeah)
Spent two bands on a coat
Only my brothеrs they breaking the codе
I don't got time for a f**k n***a, I don't got time for no bullsh*t
Dissing the gang, if you run up you know we got choppas n***a oh they look like a pool stick
Oh your shawty she drooling
Oh we solving the cube like a rubix
For the money anything I do it
b*t*h I'm grabbing that [?]
He wanna be like me, copy my movements
I know she was lying her senses not fluent
Hit up the plug and you know he moving
Got your b*t*h in the room and you know that I'm screwing
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