Too Lit* lyrics

Pasto Flocco

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[Intro: Lil Tecca]
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

[Chorus: Lil Tecca]
Know your b*t*h don't f**k with losers
I'm that n***a though, don't confuse it
I'm like, "Why you gotta be a nuisance?"
She say that I'm hard, deuce it
I just met her, yeah, we might run through her
She was broke, now that b*t*h, she exclusive
Like the voice, I just put her on [?]
And now we too lit, too lit
In the school, I ain't too lit
She said that n***as talk about me all day, I am too lit
She said [?] 'cause the way I be movin'
n***as, talkin' that bullsh*t
n***as don't even make two sense

[Verse 1: Pasto Flocco]
Blow that whole bag on some drip
Startеd rappin', now a n***a got rich
They see my IG, be checkin' my pagе
They see me, now they wanna chill
Yeah, f**k all of the services
Runnin' my money up, n***a, I just hit a mill'
Yeah, shawty, how that feel? Yeah
Hop in the [?], yeah
n***as be mad 'cause I'm [?]
When that boy talkin', he [?] like a [?]
She get [?] when she gets around
[?] get a vibe
f**k with the A's, she gettin' horny when we get to the [?]
Run up for my gang, I put that on God
Boy, never change, I put that on God
Stackin' my [?], I put that on God
Run with the gang, we run with the squad
Only my brothers, [?]
Straight to that bag, now we got it
We got money, now n***as can celebrate
Save that sad sh*t for a rainy day
[?], hit my phone today
Spin through his block like [?]
n***as be mad 'cause [?]
[?] his location

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