Fat Boys
Fat Boys
[Female Voices Echoing]
Fat (fat, fat) Boys

[Introduction: Shared]
Now, we may be a little chubby, but don't feel slump
We guarantee ya' one thing; we can surely come
To the party, and rock the house
As we harmonize, and start to turn it out
So bust a fresh move, and take it from me
Listen to the fierce sound of the Disco Three
Ha, ha!

[Big Buff Love beatbox]

[Instrumental Interlude]

[Verse 1: Shared]
Prince Markie Dee
Kool Rock-Ski
The Human Beat Box providing the beat
One-thousand pounds put all together
The disco brothers to last forever
And as we enter the room, you know the ground starts quaking
The crowd starts breaking
And our body starts shaking to the funky rhythm
Of a beat called Fats
So bust a fresh move, individual rap, Markie Dee
[Verse 2: Prince Markie Dee]
Now I'm Markie Dee, but you can call me the Prince
And I have a slight problem that I couldn’t solve since
I was a child see I overate
At a steady pace rate, yeah I’m overweight
But it ain't no thing 'cause I'm always fresh
And guaranteed to pass any MC contest
Like M&M candy will melt in your hand
To be a real live lover is where I stand
Now to some it might be funny and some sort of gory
But listen to the words as I tell my story
Now it started out when I was very small
I devoured chocolate cake, plates, candles and all
For breakfast, it was cheese and five pounds of bacon
And halfway through my tummy starts to shakin'
Toast on the side, five gallons of juice
And that was just for breakfast when I start to get loose

Fat Boys
You know they're down by law
Fat Boys
They givin' you much, much more

[Verse 3: Kool Rock-Ski]
Now my name is Kool Rock, last part is Ski
And I am the captain rocker of the Disco Three
You see I got pizzazz, style, and grace
Just one slight problem; I'm a little overweight
But my walk is funky, my glow tip top
Every time I touch a girl, they always yell stop
Because around my block I'm the king of the slop
But I know one thing my heart keeps inside
It says do the right thing and you will survive
People still put me down 'cause I'm the mess of the town
But I got one thing that's hard to be found
I got class, yes; that's right, ladies
I'm a little overweight but I'll pass, huh
I'm like glass, yes I'm easy to break
And if you get me wrong that's a chance you take
Yes my word is bond and that's no mistake
Yes, you've heard my words and that's my rap
So party people rock on to the beat called Fat
The beat called Fats will rock the spot
So party people rock on to The Human Beat Box
[Big Buff Love beatbox]

[Verse 4: Prince Markie Dee]
To all the ladies in the place I'm the prince of ease
And you have to scream please If I'm on the freeze
12 below zero or steamin' hot
'Cause if you mess with the Prince, you're sure to get shot
'Cause I'm a ladies' man, a number one choice
Nominated five times for my platinum voice
Five foot eight, I got hazel eyes
And if you think I'm soft, you're in for a surprise
'Cause I'm hard as a rock and my name ain't Tom
Trying to battle me is like defusing a bomb
The red wire, the orange, the purple and blue
One MC ain't enough, you're gonna need two
To beat me, so here's your chance
Get in your stance, get ready to dance
Make a little romance
Smoking things from plants
Taking pictures all night, I'm freelance, baby doll

Fat Boys
You know they're down by law
Fat Boys
They givin' you much, much more
[Verse 5: Kool Rock-Ski]
Now I'm the capital K known as Kool Rock-Ski
And I'm a super-bad body-rocking tough MC
Always on fire at the flick of a Bic
'Cause I'm the ace of the place and the ultimate
The best of the rest, reaching for success
And on the microphone I have style and finesse
Don't talk no bull, got too much pull
And to rock a party right, I can do that too
Get slack never wack, take your full contact
'Cause I'm the chief of the East on top of the stack
'Cause I can use my mic as a money-making tool
'Cause I'm the master of the rhyme and the MC school
'Cause I'm Kool Rock-Ski, the dominating MC
And when I'm on the stage your ladies scream for me
We're fat, we're fat, we could never be wack
And if they go for that then we'll be back!

Fat Boys
You know they're down by law
Fat Boys
They givin' you much, much more