Fat Boys
Artist: The Fat Boys
Album: On And On
Song: Trouble

Verse One: Kool Rock Ski

Well, I'm a calm, collected guy
And I'm never in trouble, so, now you know why
At times I just get this urge
To just kill this guy that keeps irking my nerves!

Markie Dee:
Yo, you sound like a murderer!

Kool Rock:
Yo, I'm cool and I'd never do a thing to hurt ya
But, if you was in my shoes
And a guy was that stupid, what the hell would you do?
Always callin' you a chump
Talkin' 'bout your girl, your mother and all types of junk
A low down disturbing pest
But, as of now, I'm gonna pluck this pest off my chest

Whatcha gonna do, Rock?
Kool Rock:
Well, I don't know but I'll think of somethin', know what I'm sayin'?

Well, I think you better think on the double
Don't look now 'cause here comes trouble

Chorus: Buff Love
Here comes trouble

Verse Two: Kool Rock Ski
Well, here he comes, walkin' down the street
Standing about, well, 6 foot 3
A muscular brother, big like a giant

Is he realy that big?

Hey, yo, I ain't lyin'

Rock, you better run, run quick like lightning!

Wait up, you buggin', I hold my ground when I'm fighting
Treat him like a stepchild
Hit him in the lip, I fight like a rat, who's scared when I get wild?
But let me think for a moment
Do I really wanna go through that with my opponet
Thinkin' about the things he did
Broke my teeth, took my money, when I was a kid
The hell with it! Bring on that sucker
And I'll go head up with that dumb mother
Yo, Rock, man, get yourself together
Take a deep breath 'cause here comes trouble

Repeat Chorus

Verse Three: Kool Rock Ski
Well, it's time for the showdown
Gonna be a throwdown
And when it's over somebody gotta go down
It's a shame it came down to this
But it's time I got rid of this pestilence
Heart is beatin', beatin' real quick
'Cause sooner or later, some blood is gonna drip
Whether it's mines or his
Well, anyway, back to the fight! Listen up! Bust it
The crowd then gathered around
To see the Rock get pound to the ground
He threw a left hook straight to the jaw
It was the hardest punch I ever felt before
I retaliated with a kidney shot
A left to the ribs and went to the top
The top of the head, that is! He took a fall
And that's the end of: (trouble)

Repeat Chorus: Buff Love