Fat Boys
Human Beat Box
Brrrrrr stick 'em
Hahaha stick 'em
Brrrrrr stick 'em
Hahaha stick 'em
Brrrrrr stick 'em
Hahaha stick 'em
Gonna rock the beatbox in a fresh funky rhythm

[Verse 1]
Now with a mind-blowing body rocking D-3 MCs
To all the homeboys and the young ladies
We’re gonna rock a fierce beat with the Human Beat Box
And to the sucker MCs: jump off our jocks
His DJ name is Grandmaster Doc Nice
And we’ll repeat it if we have to, once or twice
We’re gonna take it from the bottom and straight to the top
So check it out party people, it’s the Human Beat Box

[Verse 2]
And as we told you before, he is the grandmaster
The man with the beats to cause a disaster
The man who’s overtop, guaranteed to rock
From a positive source, it’s the Human Beat Box
With a million watts of power coming out his mouth
Making all the young ladies want to scream and shout
With a thousand beats for every day of the week
So come on Beat Box – play one for me
[Verse 3]
You know the passion is great
The beats are clear
The people are drawn
From far and near
'Cause we’re fierce, fresh, kicking it live
And we’re pumped at the party from nine to five
So if you want a sound that’ll fit you to a tee
Listen to the sounds of the Disco 3