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"My Bro Cancer-Vive Cancer"

I gotta spend the day at the record store
'Cause it's the only place I can go to ignore
What I got
And listen to some punk rock

I don't have the cash for chemotherapy
But I got enough for the HOFX color EP
Oh yeah

I know one day I'll meet Fatty and we're gonna be bros
If I show up to enough Fat Wreck Chords shows
And I'll tell him that I'm dying
And I'm desperately trying
To see a dominatrix with reasonable rates
Should I fly to Sanctuary or just drive through the gates of East Oakland ?
I said: "That's kind of a random thing to say, ya hey!"

He said: "I'm Brad, I don't have very long
There's something very wrong
So I thought that you could maybe
Write a song about me."
I said: "Seriously?"

"I'm uninsured and it's unstoppable
The doctor told me it's inoperable
'Cause my GoFundMe page only raised 50 bucks."

Oh no
I think I gotta go

He told me the cancer was in his brain
So I invite him over to do some cocaine
With me - 'cause he never tried drugs before

I offered him a line and he said he's not sure
I said: "Didn't you just tell me that there isn't a cure?
So why not try

Some ecstasy and coke
If you're gonna croak!?
Some DMT and K
Will make you feel okay
Just for one night
You might feel like everything is gonna be all right."

Then he texted me every day
Until I finally said: "Okay
I'll write a song about you being sick
But like your life, it's gonna end too quick."

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