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We had five years
That were historic
One of our Tuesday's
We say f*ck euphoric (?) // We say 'f*ck you' for it
Cuz the absurdity level
Was off the meter
We had a magic carpet
That was a two-seater

We had five months
Where we didn't have sex
Cuz there's no?/a? reason to f*ck // 'Cuz: Is there a reason to f*ck ...
If she's not wearing latex

We listened to 'Five Years'
The first time she pegged me
It wasn't so painful
'Cuz the strap-on was tiny

There was five of us in her bed
But I was told to leave my head
In her vagina while the other three girls
f*cked each other
..... ?
.. vagina?

We spent five days
In Costa Rica
Because we missed two flights
That was the start of the finish

Five fingers for slapping
Five fingers for fisting
Five fingers for punching
Five fingers for waving goodbye
Five fingers for a leather glove
It took about five years to end our love

It took five years
Until we got married
But only five hours
Before we knew it was buried

It took five years
Before I could forgive, but not forget
It was more than five people
That said: that's what you get!

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