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​deadman 死​人


Verse 1:
Ay,  we out here digging in a mine
Minju  lookin like an Asian Herobrine (hrrr)
Mr Cho, a king, someone that she stan (jazbas)
Ripped af lookin like our god Janjan (skrt)
Lookin  like a b because you super flat (bbb)
Renee  looks at u shes like oh sh, its a rat (ahh)

Verse 2:
Ann,  nerd lookin like Carl Wheezer (wheeze)
U look like Black Beatle better be a crowd-pleaser (cow stealer)
You sweat more at math than you do at karate (haya)
I bet you aren't even trained to use the potty aye (doodoo)
Steph  has scoliosis cause she carried you (shes the goat)
Rap so fire, finna turn you into a jew (gang gang)

Verse 3:
Renee, I was gonna roast you hella hard (oof)
I realised you go to Howick so sorry pards (pasensya po)
You should take Ellison, she looks like one of you (get dropped)
Your skin so ashy, lookin like a yellow Sandshrew (headass)
Your job will be as a window washer (manukau)
You better obey me because I'm your father

This is my fire rap and was made in a jiffy
This is for my boys who get freaky deeky

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