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Zay Bang

"No Relations"

She said we had relations and I ain't even call her
Team just poured a seven ounce, I thought I was a martian
HT made the wave

You gotta treat me like a boss, b*tch, I'm stuntin' on your father
She said we had relations and I ain't even call her
And I can't trust a b*tch now, that b*tch'll leave you starving
Team just poured a seven ounce, I thought I was a martian
Know who I can trust now so I just move with caution
I watched my n*ggas ball when I was taking hella losses
They heard us on the radio, now n*ggas wanna call me
These b*tches say they love me, but I just shake 'em off me
The way they ridin' di*k now, these n*ggas need a ten speed
You better tuck your kufi, they ain't out here throwin' Frisbee
Always say Elijah, I be feeling like he with me
They don't love you 'til you dead and forgot about completely
They cremated my brother, I don't really think you feel me
My nana kept me strong, boy, that sh*t was finna kill me
These n*ggas talking guns and n*ggas wouldn't pop a wheelie
Brother really with the sh*t, he don't need no f*ckin' illy
Instead of all that speaking on my name, tell 'em do me
The way you n*ggas act, you should star up in a movie
Another n*gga lack, we gon' smoke him like a doobie
And I can't take her serious 'cause lil' baby choosy
n*ggas wanna straddle in that field, don't get hit-sticked
Got children with that ho b*tch, but that is not no pimp sh*t
n*ggas in that dog cage who lawyer too expensive
She really think I'm famous, she treat me like it's Christmas
Gotta keep a gun even though it ain't the safest
I pray they comin' home soon, I know they losing patience
Nana said she trust in me, I think I could make it
And why you give your gun to 'em? Don't think they won't take it
Raised where it's cutthroat, it kind of make you heartless
It's either you gon' shoot somethin', or n*gga, you a target
It's lonely in them backstreets and free my brother Marcus
That Tesla got itself drivin', you ain't gotta park it
n*ggas ridin' waves, tryna see who get the farthest
When you was on that yard, you was talkin' to the sargent
Your b*tch be eating di*k like they sell it in the market
And we ain't even know dude, he made himself a target
Foot it like the Flintstones, don't hang out the window
n*gga, you don't know me, talkin' 'bout we kinfolk
pus*y, you can't duck this, n*gga, this ain't limbo
Come through tryna slice somethin', b*tch, I think I'm Kimbo
b*tches run the city, then they wanna go to Oakland
She said she feelin' different, then follow your emotions
I know I never listen and we ain't even focused
You gotta pay attention, these n*ggas be opponents, n*gga

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