IRIS (Will Ryan)

"As the Lights Go Out (Rock Version)"

[Verse 1]
Stone cold, in the middle of a circus
But the lights are all on you
Try to fake a smile
But the curtain draws on you
When the crowd begins to cheer
It's a sign that the end is drawing near

Presenting the world
When the lights go out

[Verse 2]
The tears fade
Right before their very eyes
But yours begin to shed
Fake it for a while
But the causing darkness dreads

For behind each casting art
Is the image of a
Man who's torn apart

Escaping the world
When the lights go out

Fear not
I have descended
Before you even knew
I only told a minor few
The smile you see
Can't comprehend it
But I died too long ago
So every time I start the show
I drop the act and away I go!
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