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"Till Slip"

I think uhm... This One Is so special, Cause I'm Doing It For My Fans

You just said you wanna move
But you not movin
I'm Not Really in the mood
Cause you keep foolin

You Was busy chasing bags
I was chasing life
You Forgot to keep the till slip
I see you dip

I'm In the back the class
I'm still ahead of ma game
I wasn't playing the players
Cause they be chasing the fame

And I'm Not judging you player
Just stick around in ma prayer
When I Was buying soda
They start to question the boy

I've been praying for my whole life
I've been fighting for a good will
I'm like the cow in the back, You know that's long life
It can be a black cow, It's Still the same milk

If You Really wanna make it
Clap your hands!
If You're really proud of You
Clap your hands!
If You Really wanna make it
Clap your hands!
If you really wanna make it
Clap your claps!

Get up everybody
We should get to work!
Even when you got it
There's still a lot to come in

If Was A caterpillar, I would really fly
So God Bless that kid who really want to make it right
Look at Trevor Noah boy, now you gotta fly
You should be owning your moments
And don't be set aside
Every Single caterpillar has a bigger pie
Do You Really get it... [Yeaggh!!!]

I'ma give it all I got
It's the only shot I got
I might die anytime
That's why you see me do a lot

...and I'm only 23 please don't call me O.G
I work a lot you can see the sweat swimming through the seed
That's the little drip I got for a greater legacy

I sometimes cry on a beat-
That's Why somebody texted me
They said they smile in the heat
That's an ocean conversation giving love with no kiss

Doesn't Make any sense but it's love with the least
You Can have what you want, but what you got is what you need. You Don't Have to judge anybody if they want to leave

What's The water in a bottle
If the bottle wasn't ordered?
When You sit around corner
Is that how you use your freedom?

Are you black or are you white?
Boredom doesn't have a colour
It's like Ninjas with a car but they driving like they spinoff
Speech you with some smoke
Just To Give you little turnoff
I think I turned every snake into a Uzzi belt


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