[Intro: 6LACK & Strick]
Mm, ayy, ayy
Uh, uh, yeah

[Chorus: Strick]
She my desire (Yeah), she like a drug, I might have to try her
Chargin' the cards out, got me a Bonnie and she a rider
Swept through them raids, go put the racks up in the safe
Emerald cuts, VV, uh, all in the chain
She my desire, I get designer for my bae (Yeah)
She my desire, I put diamonds all on my bae, yeah
She my desire, 'ire, yeah, yeah
She my desire, 'ire (Yeah)

[Verse 1: Strick]
She get what she want, we turn parties up
Take the top off and then I Ferrari up (Skrrt)
Drivin' crazy, she know I'm on 101
I been flexin', she know that there's more to come
Yeah, Kel-Tec finish 'em just like a round of Mortal Kombat
Hey, uh, we took that top spot, we not the runner up
Gold medallion, set goals, let's [?] the mountain, uh
With stars, you know they surroundin' us
Young n***a got rich, we like Roddy, yuh
Hey, yeah, who put the Runtz in the air?
The car top, uh, Italian, check out the engine
Designer all of my images, I had went up on my intellect, yeah
I been busy countin' up checks, that sh*t been takin' my energy
She on the honor roll for the brain that she givin' me, no kidding
Jokes up, got the game in a choke, the Rollie blue-face, literally
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