Nobody does it like you
[Hook:Morgan G-sta Cavalli]

It will take more ambition for you to complete this mission to gain recognition,pursue your vision man I swear it won't be long
It won't be long
Till you get what you want,reach the places you belong,keep on doing what you do nobody does it like you
And you'll be gone
And you'll be gone

[Verse 1:Beezy cavalli]

Like the apocalypse I know my era is waiting on me
I've been high,never drunk still its blurry to see

My vision's priceless
Who knows how much it takes me to see

Worthy to find so I seek
Bury these blind melodies
How could you judge a brother if everybody sin in the sheets?

Dropped out of college to experience my life on the streets
Dealt with some people who can make your life harder to live
You find harder to breath coz nothin's what it seems for real!

It's obvious that I can give you lessons
Ain saying I'm the best but I've got a lot of passion

I've got nothing to loose
I know too much to mention

My mama told me get that money and build me a mansion

I've been with people who can show you you how much crime pays
My n***as slit your neck just for looking sideways

We grindin from sunday until friday
She won't be impressed unless the cake is on a side plate

It doesn't matter what you say on the beat
So many n***as sell their soul to see their face on the screen
But not me
I'm more than real if that's what "real" is to be
Coz all your Gold chains doesn't make you realer than me!!!


[Verse 2: Beezy Cavalli]

I'm at that point where I can smile when I'm wrong...
So What's the point of being scared if you know where you belong?
Venues they say that they going
We've surely been there for long

Standing ovation as I do this like I've been here before!

[Bridge: Homicide]

Standing ovation as I do this like I've been here before
Even if that's the case,I geuss I'm gunning for more
Spitting my story just for me to keep running the store
Feeling my storyjust for me to keep giving you more

[Verse 2 contiues:Beezy Cavalli]

Seven standards no CTA
Man I was crowned before I made it out to PTA
Hardest or the easy way
I made it out it anyway

I let my soul preach in the booth while I'm catching flames
Stay amazed

Watch me change the game
Six on automatic, R line changing lanes

Yours was Intercepted and my mind was on the gauge
You done always been a sucker
So its F what you say
#22twenty till I fade!!!
[Hook X2]