Bombin’ Shit

I be bombin' shit like a motherfuckin' terrorist
Foes try to take me down like "where is it?"
I'm shreddin' rippin' and tearin' shit
But I just be Bombin' Shit, Bombin' Shit
Bombin' Shit, Bob-bob-Bombin' Shit
I am the shit, Bombin' Shit

[Verse 1]

Yo, Homicide be a menace to society
Fuckin' with him is like fuckin' with HIV
Hoes don't like the fact that
My dick is too big to swallow, ACK!
Can't kill the unstoppable
Unpenetratable, ungradable
Never ever ratable
Shit, supreme being, homo superior
But have no faget genes
Rapin' families
Can't escape just dont call me a bad habit please
Staggering, swaggering, pants sagging
Chin-checkin', straight steppin', packin' deadly weapons
Puffin' weed, can't breathe
The bible states stuff but can you believe?
I'm livin' in a world consumed by money
And comedians still tryna be funny
This world has been running
It's fuckin' out of breathe
People on the streets more dangerous than sess
And yes, I am a mess
But can't you see I am thee best
Bombin' shit like a graffiti artist
I'm upset like cars in
A parking lot with no parkin'

Yo, yo, Homicide's in this for life
With a gun and a knife
At all times
My rhymes commit crimes
When put onto the mic
While you sleepin' I'm fuckin' your wife
She can't get my dick out her mouth
When I sad stop, she said "another round!"
So I was BK, she had it her way
It was a fun day, but I had no say
She called all the shots and I said okay
After that I cut the bitch up, turned her into soup
Wore her fuckin' face
She shouldv'e known i was fuckin' crazed
Amazed, cannot be saved
Like bruce lee, there's a demon in my life
So grabbed the n***a's eyes
Ripped them out but they were in their tight
I punched his stupid ass in the face
Damagin', savagin', welcome to the savage lands
Decapitatin' shoguns, i am the chosen one
Holdin' a motherfuckin' gun
One fist weighs a ton, cause my shit's loaded up
Leavin' n***as with seizures or are they tryna crump
Well they suck, i don't really give a fuck
Said so much stuff, i think i'm done
So as i'm changin' my cap, you know ima be taggin'
My pants saggin', toe taggin', body baggin'
Straight raggin', four-four maggin'
Cause i'm bombin' shit, well fuck you!
[Hook 3x]