Soul Dazzle
[Verse 1]
On the mat, head to toe Intacked on the track
Big hat's on the go, Let them ho's know we on a stroll
We on the track, The shit we started, we comin' back
In the market of rap, walkin 'man heart talkin
Superbowl ring, sun of soul king
Roll the red carpet, out the cockpit
Sharkskin garments, come out the closet
"ROCKS!" My pocket's don't understand lint
Place's i haven't been
This is it HollyWood handprint, written in cement
Bottom bitch, get that mint
Get that money not the honey rent
Need to feed is more legal
Ya too foxy ass, get that cash
Sparrows can't fly with eagles

Soul, Soul, need a taste
Mind right, head in the right place
Do what to do, like you supposed to be
Now, give up your chance... before the game's on me
Now bounce can you dig it, on the real side
Stay in the showcase, be satisfied
Now meet me at the pink house, that I tear down
Let everybody know, that everybody know
I made you squeeze, then hit your sound
Now bounce get up and do n***a's what you can
Everybody do ladie's what you can
"right" 28 physique, game don't mean nothing me
You can't run, hide, The games on me
"right" can you dig it?

[Verse 2]
It's just the vocab
Gift of gab
Like the river they call me
Rhymin' money on the wood
Go good right before I just 69 em'
Trick ass bitch n***a diamonds
Put her arm in perfect timing
Sweet signs a sin
Steady climbin
Always press fresh food on the table
On the move
Hash flourish
Ever since they prove
My stable every move is fatal
My step gonna survive
No jive
Talkin GMC
See the C bring it back to me
If it's alright with you it's alright with me
We could do like men how you want it to be
That shiny shake that blind mixtape's like pineapple grape
No time to escape
Pimp slap your face
On the hole is soul in the hole
Roll now blow