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[Intro: Birdman]
Yeah, sitting on top of this motherf*cking hill
(Rich Gang, Rich Gang) fully loaded
Looking at life from a good year blimp, boy (yeah, believe dat)
Size me up, guarantee you gonna lose (BLAAAT)
From hundred to hundreds mills
Project life to the high life (ya heard)
Straight from the scrub of the mud that we call it jungle, n*gga
Pain came with this game (yeah)
(Heh) young, rich, and wild, famous and dangerous
And money was the motivation
We took the trips then came back and did the flips
{*bird call*}
Fell in love with it, a bunch of n*ggas getting it
Yeah, Rich Gang (stay popping)
We eat when we sleep, boy
Flashy lifestyle, boy, paradise on earth
Smoke all day, n*gga - Rich Gang, 100

[Verse: Mystikal]
b*tch, I slapped the f*cker, karate chopped the pistols
Shake the dog sh*tter, I ain't playing with you
I'm a concert rocker toot it up you a pus*y poppin'
Seen that girl from Cancun
Now the motherf*ckers, they feel high
I got big ass houses, plenty cars
I'm a gorilla with it, y'all n*ggas spit monkey bars
I leave them with broken homes, affected them collar bones
And I play like Donkey Kong, da da da da da duuuh
Leave the club go home sista, us n*ggas got chrome pistols
Don't f*ck with the Don, cursing in church
Telling you wrong, mister
Pull it out then get out in public
Breathe to your face, n*gga, do it til you love me
If you can't open your pants, get up my n*gga, you sure was ugly
SKS, can't kick it
Bulletproof vest, whole gang is
Stressing about that sh*t, bring it on, get it over
I throw your ass all over
With an AT4 on my shoulder, that'll hold ya
Combat ready, front line n*gga
With Constantina and Rob offenses
Better catch the system, the body loss is the consequences
Runnin' up every block I walk, I spit fire every time I talk
f*ck around with a n*gga, spit this sh*t off the wall
And knock all your eyebrows off
I'm f*cking retarded, ain't no helping me
These n*ggas scared than a baby
Michael Jackson hold over the balcony
Either you leave, or you staying
You gonna be bleeding and praying
I'm holding your hand, this buzzer is friend
A n*gga keep thinking I'm playing

[Outro: Mystikal]
This what the f*ck I'm talking about right there, kid
You f*cking killed them, immortalize them
Think they can open your casket up, n*gga, you sure was ugly
Did good, boss is gonna be happy
Everything is in your future, kid

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